About Us

Welcome to Havant Borough Tree Wardens. We are a local group of volunteers that form part of the Tree Councils national Tree Warden Scheme. Today there are around 8,000 Tree Wardens in over 150 local networks throughout the UK, forming a volunteer force of immense value to the environment.

Trees are a precious part of our natural heritage and we need to take action now if future generations are to enjoy the beauty and variety of our landscapes. To be most effective, this action should be taken by local people who have most to gain from the protection and enhancement of their immediate environment.

The Tree Council is the tree campaigning charity, an umbrella body for over 150 UK organisations working together to promote the importance of trees within the changing environment. Working together:

  • for more trees, of the right kind in the right places
  • for better care for all trees, of all ages and
  • to inspire effective action for trees Its goal is to make “Trees matter to everyone”.


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